Take it on...

Think you can take on one of Johnny’s enormous challenges? Load up on the Demon’s Revenge – the spiciest burger around, or continue the legacy with Johnny’s Wings of Fury. Go head to head with the Burgerzilla, featuring 1KG of beefy goodness and tons of bacon cloaked with American cheese. If anything’s certain, settle in for a food comma that really hits the spot.

The Challenges

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. All in a 1KG beef patty. Tons of American cheese. Bacon, bacon, bacon, ermmmmm, even more BACON! Smokey BBQ sauce served with lettuce and tomato and 1.5KG of fries.

SPICIEST BURGER ON THE MENU! Double beef patty, American cheese, crispy bacon, our secret “HOLY S**T” sauce, served with lettuce and tomato.

Spiciest wings in the west!! We’re serious. BLAZING HOT. Continuing the legacy of the “Demon’s Revenge”, the same hot sauce. 24 Extremely hot wings served out to destroy your taste buds and your dignity.


Is there anything better than a super-sized, super-loaded and super-tasty burger? How about some super-spicy wings or another burger with a serious health warning?


At Johnny’s Burgers, we’re all about pushing our food to the max – with 3 massive dares to choose from, there’s a challenge for everyone.


WARNING: these are not your regular eating challenges.

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